Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Truths for Better Living

Be honest with yourself and others.
You cannot and will not trust those who lie, including yourself.
Be aware that deception leads to fooling yourself about what is needed and wanted and called forth.
With dishonesty comes less and less ability to listen to and trust  the voice within.
There is no harm, unless you avoid, deny and cover-up what is being called forth .

Love the Good you see in everyone, including You!
Love amplifies and increases what you behold.
To Love unconditionally, Love the Good that seeks to be revealed.
Within everyone and everything is Goodness, the Blessing and Gift, waiting to be exposed.
Bypass, ignore, forgive, stop giving attention to, the absence of Good and seek to Love the Good.

Envision what you want to be.
Imagine your heart’s desire unfolding in your life.
Focus on the steps you need to take to reach your goals.
Clear away any obstacles or sabotaging thoughts, words and activities.
Act, dress and speak as though you have already achieved your desires.

Undo what is not the highest truth for you.
Stop trying so hard to become something by focusing on the obstacles.
Declare yourself free of negativity, limiting beliefs and false accusations.
Cease engaging in destructive thoughts, words or behaviors and relationships.
Step away from the past with complete forgiveness and bless your future with gratitude.

Reveal what is best for you.
Admire the good in others and see those qualities in yourself.
Make a written list of what is best for you to ingest (food, music, movies and video, relationships).
Use your time consistently for what inspires, encourages and benefits the Best in You.
Make refinements as you see what is best becomes clear and simplified.

Be a good steward and caretaker of yourself and your whole Life.
Waste no time, money or emotional energy on anything that does no Good for you and others.
Give time, energy and finances to those activities, learning, healing, growing what is best for you.
Appreciate all you do every day in every way for the benefit of yourself and others.
Seek not for understanding, but rather seek for peace in all things.  (Understanding comes later.)

Appreciate each day.
End every day being grateful for the healing, learning, choosing and giving.
Realize that life itself is healing you and revealing what seeks to be healed.
Realize that “mistakes” are invitations to wake up and choose again.
Realize that your life is a blessing to you and for you to remember the Love in You.

Life is Good and Getting Better, because You Are!
Betty Lue

From (only for those interested in such things!!)
Full Moon in Libra ( Remember full moons amplify what is calling for our attention.)
Monday, March 29, 7:27 pm PDT, 10:27 pm EDT
The Full Moon in accommodating Libra tends to cool off the heat of the impulsive Sun in Aries.
It’s a time of negotiating between common needs (Libra) and individual desires (Aries). Yet this lunation is squared by passionate Pluto, which can bring relationship issues to a boil.
Deep changes may be needed to restore trust with a partner or for single people who need to recognize the price to pay to alter their situation.
Honesty is essential, requiring a deep dive into oneself to expose hidden motivations and gently share the truth with others.