Monday, December 21, 2009

Light, Light, More Light.

Solstice marks the increase of Light in an ‘en-darkened’ world.
Yes, autumn is the time of decreasing light.
And, on Winter solstice, the light begins to increase.

The winter is a time of attending to the inner hearth.
Be come aware of the Light within you.
Notice the beauty you see all around you, when you see yourself as Beautiful.
Notice the Goodness all around you, when you love the Goodness with You.

You are light of the world.
You are the light for your family.
You are the light for your workplace.
You are the light for your community.

If you have been focusing on the darkness, you will strengthen and increase the lack of Light in You.
If you have been giving attention to lack and limitation, you will grow lack and limitation.
If you have been perceiving the problems, struggle and drama in others, you will encourage it all in you.
If you have been seeing places to fix, heal, change and correct,  you will increase them ad infinitum.

Metaphysical Laws:
What you focus on, you increase.
What you resist, hate or avoid, you get more of.
What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.

If this is the Way the physical world works, change your focus, resistance and perceptions.
Focus on the Good, the Beauty, the Love and the Blessings.
Resist nothing, but rather ignore what you want to decrease (extinguish).
Perceive only the best intentions, what is honorable, true and loveable in others to strength that in you.

The Light is in you now.
Forgive yourself and your will see the Light and be the Light.
Forgive your mistaken perceptions, resistant and misguided focus.
Undo what is blocking the Light and delight with you and your life.
Strengthen the light within, by being grateful and blessing what is Good in You.

Is it this simple?
Yes, you can simply change your focus and your experience will  change.
Yes, You can stop thinking, writing and speaking about those things you want to decrease.
Yes, you can speak and act and vision ways that the Goodness is growing all around you.
Yes, you can bring the Light of your smile and touch, your appreciation and blessing everywhere.

The Light in you and around you is natural when you stop judging, criticizing and finding fault.
Even in the dark, you can shine so brightly others will see your light and be reminded.
Your brightness will attract those who seek to shine brightly and learn to live in de Light.
Shine your Light by forgiving yourself and your world.

Blessings of Great Joy,  

Betty Lue