Friday, August 28, 2009

All Together Now

What does it take to love everyone equally?
What happens when we make some “special” and leave others out?
Making special is the result of judgment and comparison.
Give some more and others less is a product of our alliances and allegiances.

Today Robert and I will be with all five grandchildren for outdoor swimming pool fun and lunch.
I am aware that some have energy more like mine and so I can resonate and relate better.
I am aware that one or two may have more special needs some days or minutes.
I am aware of the differences between our grandson and grand daughters.

It appears true for me that I can easily love each equally as long as I love the one I am with.
I can love that precious one as thought they are the only one.
I can love the one I am with when I simply keep my heart open to fully be present.
I can love fully and freely when I choose not to judge, compare or withhold my love.

I believe everyone is a child of the Divine, of the Creative Power of Love.
I believe that each one deserves to be loved, nurtured, encourages and treated with respect.
I believe that when I care for another as I want to be cared for, I am Living in Love.
I believe that what I give, I receive and what I am teaching, I am learning.

Most important for me, I believe that we each are modeling the behavior we want to be in the world.
We teach with out thoughts, our words and our actions.
We are living examples to others on how to love and to build a world of love.
You and I can change the world by being the change we want to see.

As I love my self with trust, respect and kindness, I can love others with trust, respect and kindness.
As I Love others with trust, respect and kindness, they learn to love themselves with the same.
As others love themselves with trust, respect and kindness, they will love me and others the same.
The effects of loving grow exponentially with my willingness to live what I know.

We are all in this world together.
We are here to unlearn habits of not loving.
We are here to clear the fear which has caused defensiveness, greed, unkindness, cruelty and more.
These bad habits only continue if we the elders and conscious beings continue to practice them.

Now is our time to step away from what is not natural, healthy or good for all.
We are the ones who can and will do the work willingly and happily.
We can encourage ad support one another to forgive easily and love again.
We can celebrate the changes we see in ourselves and others and be obvious in our loving.

We can.
We will.
We Love.
Betty Lue