Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your Life Is Working for You!

Life works just fine when we appreciate how fine it is.

Have you appreciated the weather today?
Whether rain or sunshine, wind or cold, it is always just what it needs to be.
Have you enjoyed the food you have eaten today?
Whether it is fast or slow food, organic or processed food, it will nourish you better with your enjoyment.
Have you listened to the sounds around you today?
Whether noisy or silent, loud or barely perceptible, it tells you that you can hear. What a blessing!
Have you respected the electricity, water and air you breathe today?
Whether you know it or not, it is a privilege to have these resources available to us.
Have you noticed the beauty of the colors and textures of nature, the coming of spring, the change of light?
What a wonderful gift of sight!
Have you observed the flavors of music available on TV, radio, I Pod and live?
What a joy to live with variety of opportunities.
Have you watched the many skin colors of all God’s Children?
While all unique, we are one amazing family, here to Love and care for One another!

What an amazing world we live in!
What a great life when we appreciate how great it is!
How can we not be happy with being here when we fully enjoy what we have?
Life is Good, when we view it with forgiving eyes.

Loving us all, no matter what we may do, say, or forget,
Betty Lue

Haiku poem by Chinese poet Do Hyun Choe:
Stillness is what creates love.
Movement is what creates life.
To be still
And still moving-
That is everything.