Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dedicated to Loving You

You are my Beloved.
It is in you that I find my Self and lose my Self.
You represent the Love of God for me.
You become the One who shows the way to Love.

Holy Wedding Song
I see You.
I know You.

I Love You.
I am seen, I am known, I am loved by you.
I can Love You,
As I Love Me,

Being Loved by You.

As One we come to God.

I am asked to let go of conditions to loving.
I am invited to love everyone equally.
I feel happy and free when I am always Loving.
I am blessed with Love when I choose to Love.

Divine Love is like the radiance of the sun.
It touches and blesses everyone without reason or condition.
Divine Love is our natural state and flows through us and to us in All That Is.
This Love is always present, is totally healing and is truly powerful.

When I see that my life has been given to Love, in all things I see my Self and my Holy Purpose.
It is in our relationships that we recognize Who We Are and Why We Are Here.
It is in our relating that we know we are Love It Self and our only true purpose is to Love.
It is in the world that we come to realize, Love in pure and perfect creative and responsive energy.

Love has no form and no function.
Love simply Is.
From Love, all Good is realized.
Within Love lies perfect safety, peace and purpose.

Life is Good, when we remember simply to Love.
Loving you simply and simply loving You,
Betty Lue

This is the Love that is given and received effortlessly simply for the pure joy of loving.