Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes, You Can

Thank you for sending Love and your happy healing energies my way.
I have been down in bed for a couple of days, but clearing the yucky stuff on all levels.
Love is the Healer and the Most Powerful Force in the world.
So thanks for sending Love to me.

In my life I have experienced and observed family issues, health issue, economic issues, environmental issues and global war and peace play themselves out in our collective lives. In the beginning I saw it as “my” problem and then I saw it as “their” problem. Now I realize it is “our” problem. In owning that we are all in this together, we must take impeccable care of ourselves, so we can reach out and help our brother. When we truly give and help one another, we realize we are serving all humanity.

Not one will be left outside of God’s love.
No one will be kept away from the healing Love.
None will be separate when all is said and done.
For We Are One.

When you are loving me, you are loving you.
When you are loving me, you are loving all.
When you are loving me, you are expanding Love for everyone.
And when I am loving me and You and All, there is no one left out.

We all have our healing and loving assignments.
Notice who and what is calling for you attention.
Is it your health, your happiness your home, your family or finances that needs you now?
Is it your community, your country, your workplace, your neighbors or your inspirational place?

Wherever you hear the call, give as though you are giving to yourself.
Wherever you are called to give, give as though you are giving to the Source of Goodness for All.
Whenever you are called to serve, serve with an open heart, receiving the Joy and Love you give.
Whenever you are called to contribute, give without condition or pity or resentment for you give to us all.

You see when we are each and everyone full of happiness, and health and abundant Joy, there will be no lack and no one left out. This is the end of all suffering and sorrow…when we know we are one in Love.

I am loving you as you are loving me,
Betty Lue