Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Teach As You Go

All of us are teachers.
We are teaching by how we live.
No matter what the world does around you, you can choose the “right” way for you.
It is in our living example that we benefit others by our choices.

What do you want our world to be?
More patience…Be patient.
More kindness… Be kind.
More forgiving…Forgive All.

What do you want for your children and their children?
Clean air and water…Conserve and care for it now.
No war and violence…Stop all fighting and angry words.
Responsibility and Respect….Honor your responsibilities with respect for All.

What is needed right now?
Better government…Vote with knowledge and inspiration.
Quality education…Support teachers and schools by volunteering and voting.
Information and Inspiration…Be informed and inspire others with your attitude and wisdom.

Dare to care and share.
You see, you are the One who is leading the way.
Without you and your support, the world would just go the easy, lazy way.
Everyone would follow everyone who doesn’t care.

I am willing and I know you are too!
Loving you,
Betty Lue
We teach because we dare to care!