Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Personality or Principles

Do you look at someone’s age, gender, clothes, make-up to judge them?
Do you look at their past to judge their present?
Do you watch how they handle their emotions when under stress?
Do you listen to their criticisms and gratitude for sincerity?
Do you see what matters most to them in how they make decisions?

Remember you cannot judge a book by its cover.
You cannot find a person’s heart in their rhetoric.
You cannot know how someone will behave under stress.
You cannot see what motivates and inspires them by the outer appearance.

Look at how and who they love.
Look at who they choose as advisors and friends.
Look at what they choose to do with their time.
Look at how they apologize and make amends for mistakes.

Are we looking within to find the Love within others?
Are we seeing beneath the apparency to see what guides another’s life?
Are we taking the time to respect all that made each person what he is today?
Are we believing what we hear or read or can we read with our intuitive hearts?

It seems we have made mistakes on who we have chosen to lead our country?
It seems we have made mistakes on who we counted to be helpful in times of need?
It seems we have made mistakes in choosing our financial dependencies?
It seems we have made mistakes in counting on quick fixes to mend our ills?

Maybe it is time to stop and look and listen.
We are at in intersection in our history, a crossroads.
Everything has changed dramatically: education, weather, environment, foods, health care, and more.
These are changing times.

Change requires reflection and response-ability.
Change requires flexibility and creativity.
Changes invites listening to the needs of all people.
Change asks that we acknowledge our mistakes and choose again.

Yes, I am talking about our leadership, but more importantly I am looking at how we live.
Each one of us makes daily choices about who to trust, who to befriend, who to believe.
After 66 years of experience, I know that I do not know by the surface stuff.
So I listen to our history. I see how we live. I pay attention to what we give and to whom.
I notice what our lifestyle is. I see how we handle our emotions.
Mostly I am seeking to rely on those who are mature and coming from a place of fair-care and share.
Choose what is fair. Care about the welfare of all. Share freely what you have that is of value.
This is principled living.

There are some other clear guidelines:
Seek out those who are willing to learn, those who give respect to other’s voices and input, those who give without demanding and receive with gratitude.

Take the time to see,
Are you a trusted friend for others?
Are you leading with principle and compassion?
Are you making decisions with the highest Good of all people in mind?
Are you willing to acknowledge your mistakes and choose again?
Are you appreciative of what you have and always willing to share the best?
Are you open to always doing what is fair for all?

Change always begins within.
I am again willing to “clean up my act”.
I am willing to take impeccable care of me, so I can be fair in caring and sharing with You!

Loving you,
Betty Lue