Friday, June 13, 2008

Good News

Media sensationalizes all the worst news.
People tell stories of their ailments and medical procedures.
Educators talk about the children with behavior problems and learning difficulties.
Parents focus on what is wrong with their kids looks, behavior or lives.

When will we learn that focusing on the tragic and painful simply creates more of the same.
When will we learn the what we give energy and attention to , will grow with our focus.
When will we learn that psyches are influenced and even programmed by hearing the bad news stories.
When will we learn that these unhappy and scary stories create worry and upset and fear.

Can we only be entertained by tragedy and drama?
Are we numb to what is good and beautiful and healthy?
Are we only impressed by stories of challenge, stress and strife?
Is there an unsatiable attraction to melodrama and how bad it was or could be?

Today is Friday 13th.
Let’s begin a Good News campaign today.
Let’s break out the smiles and memories of all the best events in life.
Let’s go on a diet of only stories of Love and Peace and Happiness.

Are you willing to join me in flushing what we don’t want to pass on?
Are you willing to forgive yourselves for scaring others with your bad stories?
Are you willing to breath and release whatever your current complaint might be?
Are you willing to begin to build a world of innocence, hope and Love?

Are you willing to let go of watching, paying for or participating in “war” stories?
Are you willing to bless everyone you meet or think of with prayers for their peace?
Are you willing to give yourself what inspires, delights and expands your loving Self?
Are you willing to step away from conflict, controversy and simply support what you value?

You see,
What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.
Where we place our attention, we increase with our energy.
What we appreciate grows in value with our positive attention.
What we think and speak and do is teaching all the universe.

Why not be silent unless we are increasing what we what to be and see?
Why not be peaceful rather than upset by listening to stories of pain?
Why not be forgiving rather than stay scared and angry everyday?
Why not be self respecting by only sharing what we are pleased with?

Life is for giving.
So why not give the best and delete the rest.
Loving you,
Betty Lue