Friday, June 06, 2008

Everything Matters

Show up.
Pay Attention.
Do and Say the Most Loving thing.
Trust it is all equally important.

Everything you think and say and do blesses Everyone Everywhere.
It all matters.
When you live like all life matters, you know that you matter.
When you live act like everyone matters, you know you are making a difference.
When you speak like all words matter, you will speak the most inspiring and loving words you know.

Life is just one moment at a time.
Love is just one connection at a time.
Healing is just one act of kindness at a time.
Inspiration is just one encouraging word at a time.

It matters not stranger or friend.
It matters not the age or past history.
It matters not what brings us together.
What matters is how we relate.

So say and do and think what gives what you want your world to become.
Envision and speak and act what you believe is the Highest and Best Truth.
Give and affirm and believe what you want the other to conceive and achieve.
You see life is for living the best and giving the best and heaving the Best for All.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make someone smile.
Don’t miss the chance to give someone a heartfelt thanks.
Don’t miss the moment when a life can be changed.
Don’t neglect to give the Best you have and recognize the Gift You Are.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
The rest is just the stage Being set for the next opportunity to give.

Loving you,
Betty Lue