Saturday, May 31, 2008

Failure or Opportunity?

This morning I was invited to look at how I weathered the “mistakes or failures" in my life.
I realize that I look at nothing as a failure.
Every “mistake” is a missed take on what is a missed “take” on something where I have not yet see the God surprise, the blessing and gift.

When I listen inside, I learn.
When I learn, I love.
When I love, I let go.
When I let go, I trust.
When I trust, I am free.
When I am free, I can see the High Truth.

When faced with apparent mistaken choices, expenditures of time, energy and money, I Listen within.
I Learn. I Love. I Let Go.
And I always return to trust and freedom.

My life is my response-abiity.
Indeed, it is my ability to respond with open-mindedness and appreciation that allows me to see.
My real question about my life is am I able and willing to respond with non-judgment.
Am I open and willing to listen within, to learn, to love and to let go?

I am at choice.
My choices determine my memories, my feelings and the outcome of every experience.
I recently asked someone, “Are you joyfully proactive or depressingly reactive?
Are you in a state of waiting or are you actively creating?”

It appears that those who judge their “failures” and “mistakes” wait to react and judge others.
It appears also those who learn from their apparent mistakes go on to learn and create with joy.
It seems that we are always choosing our emotional state, no matter the outer circumstances.
To choose to be a victim, at the effect, of others choices is a reactive choice of fear and waiting.

We can we make everything a gift by seeing the intrinsic goodness and God within it all.
There is no place where Good is not available upon our request.
There is no opportunity that can not enhance our healing and growth.
There is no relationship that does not invite seeing everyone with the eyes of forgiveness and love.

Life is a failsafe laboratory where we will all day take responsibility and be willing to learn.
Our willingness, open-mindedness and appreciation will yield unlimited power and peace.
Every lesson learned is an invitation to return to Love.
Every time we remember Love, we return to our natural state of Wholeness and Holiness.

Peace to us all,
Let us remember to erase and release all judgment and be free to Love.
Betty Lue