Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Upsets You?

When we are upset, we are off purpose.
We can complain, criticize, blame, feel hurt, discouraged, resentful and even guilt about our upsets.
We can even try to change, analyze, understand, fix and even forgive others behaviors.
But only when we recognize our own off purpose thoughts, words and actions, can we find peace.

All upsets are past similars.
They are replays on the stage of life with different characters similar circumstances that we have experienced again and still again.
These replays are our best attempt to understand, heal, change and respond differently.
We have an infinite number of times in life to heal and transform what formerly did not work.
Still the human ego (personality) keeps on doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

We are never upset for the reason we think.
Thoughts are shaped by our familial history, learned beliefs and inherited values.
We tend to think what we have been taught to think.
When encouraged to think “out of the box” or the see things differently, we will feel limited by what we believe or have been taught by our culture.

First thoughts (usually unconscious judgments) and then follow feelings.
When we think, “This is wrong.” We then experience a feeling about what we judge to be wrong.
When we believe our emotions and our thoughts, we are stuck with the same perceptions.
When we are stuck with what we perceive, we cannot access another viewpoint or perspective.

Forgiveness is the eraser that clears our own limited thoughts that we might see another way.
Until we are willing to relinquish our own righteous and judgmental view, we cannot affect change.
Until we can clear our own narrow-mindedness, we cannot see what may really be the need.
Until we can find enough neutrality or peace in us, we cannot know what might be effective.

The work is to clear our own opinions, judgments and fears, and be willing to open our mind.
When we are not upset or emotional, we step into our adult or neutral mind.
When we are not feeling intense anger, hurt or fear, we can access creative responses.
When we are not hurting ourselves with negative thinking, we can choose to seek creative solutions.

Stop letting your judgments, fears and emotional reactivity run your life and make your choices.
Upset feelings are a wakeup call, to remind us to stop what we are thinking, look objectively at what is and listen within to for the response which will be beneficial and healing for everyone.
Life can be a nightmare to which we are to respond with calming voice, healing actions and change our perspective. We are meant to live making conscious and consistent choices to be helpful and healing, with fairness and caring for all concerned.

Learn to find your “high way” of living, to be On Purpose and at peace and grateful to be YOU.
Remember that life is a place of learning to live and give your best.
When you are not being the BEST you know, you are “off purpose” and will easily be upset.

More later my friends,
Betty Lue