Friday, March 14, 2008

What Makes You Think You Know?

How can you know what is best for another?
How can you know what is right for someone else?
How do you tell people they are wrong when you do things wrong?
How can you judge what is on purpose or place of learning for someone else?

So often we meddle in others’ live.
We tell people what they should do.
We give advice without heeding our own advice.
We give counsel without know what others can do.

We are parenting as we have been parented.
We are counseling the ways we have been counseled.
We are teaching what we have been taught.
We are preaching what has been preached before.

But how to we know what is right or wrong for anyone else?
We are just infants in learning how to distinguish what is right for ourselves.
Most of us ask for outer authority and expert advice.
We spend money and time, consulting, researching and studying.

Even then most stop and question, doubt their choices and judge themselves.
It seems foolish and illogical to assume we can advise others about their decisions.

Yes, we can speak from experience.
Yes, we can refer to books and experts.
Yes, we can go to spiritual resources.
But how do we ever really know?

The gauge for me is the quality of our lives.
Are we happy and at peace?
Are we having a fun, safe and easy life.
Does it always seem to work out for the highest Good.

Life seems to be a learning laboratory.
Life is a school in which each learns with their own Divine timing and course of study.
Lessons come in different ways depending on the student.
Some students seem to learn quickly and move on and others seem to resist and rebel.

To interfere with another’s awakening, healing and spiritual path seems foolish and even arrogant.
I cannot know what is best for you, nor judge the mistakes I may think you have made.

Perhaps everything is on purpose and in our own best interests.
Perhaps everything is a lesson in Love;
Perhaps everything is a healing and holy opportunity to learn and grow, to heal and know.
If so, Let it be.

I am appreciating you and me on our paths.
It seems easier when we know we are in it together.
It seems safer when we know we will go on loving one another.
It seems more fun when we know we will all learn to let go.

Blessings to all of us,
Betty Lue

Always learning and exploring, even with bumps and bruises.
Even the giraffe has to learn to get a drink in this awkward way.

Carefully placing my little gold bell and precious pink rock
on the tortoise’s back, I still need to remember to come back and pick it up after I play awhile.

So much wonder and mystery in each a
nimal. “Are they real?” is the question of the day.