Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Veil is Thin

When we are haunted by dreams about the past, nightmares about our future or just plain worries about today, we are being called to stop and pay attention.

Paying attention is the first step to being willing to clean up whatever accumulation of negative pictures, programs and beliefs we may be holding. Paying attention is giving the time and energy to wash away old hurts with forgiveness and love. Paying attention will give us the focus to re-vision our future forecasting, so our prophecies are of the Good we want and deserve. Paying attention will allow us the awareness to step into today as the creative moment it is.

When we return to right now, we find unlimited opportunity awaits us.
Right now we can denigrate or appreciate.
Right now we can regret or applaud in what was.
Right now we can give ourselves pain and problems or pleasure and possibilities.
Right now we can hate or love ourselves and our creations.
Right now we can erase and release what was and choose again.
Right now is the only moment of power and peace there is.
Right now is the perfect time to abundantly live and give.
Right now is a gift to ourselves to create with gratitude and joy.

The veil is thin between then and now and when.
We can walk effortlessly in our imagination through the veil of time and find any other time we wish.
To leave here to go there is useful only to find what will benefit and bless.
To leave here and go into another time gives us insight, information and education to see the light.
To leave here and travel in our dreams or stories of our past gives us perspective on our Now.

Our ancestors, parents, lifetimes and illusive dreams give us the opportunity to heal everything.
To make what is mistaken Real only values our mistakes more than our right use of time and space.
To enter into fear of what will be because of what has been depletes our hope and creative power.
To wallow in the pervasive fears of what might be or regrets for what could have been weakens us.

This time of year makes it clear we must let go and begin again.
This time of year calls to clean our the ghost and goblins and dress up in the costume of our choice.
This time of year sets apart dark memories and useless grief and calls forth happy dreams and prophecy.
This time of year begs for celebration and gratitude for who we are and how far we have come.

This is the time to clean our closets and begin again.
Enjoy the process. It is all the game of life.
Loving you,
Betty Lue