Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back home again…..

I have missed our divine appointments.
Long days and some short nights, so missed my quiet time to be with you in our inspirational reminders.
Michigan is a renewal of friendships, opportunities to share and care about family, friends, and those whom I have worked with for 10-15 yrs. Brought my Mom home to CA with us for the next 9 days, here to visit with her 5 great grandchildren, celebrate my birthday and just spend some time with us, playing cards, sharing and enjoying our time together.

What's Up on Planet Earth? was one of our workshops in Michigan.
It is time to assess the happenings of this year and more especially this summer.
We can see all around us individually and collectively the results of our consciousness and unconsciousness.
When we have more light, inside and outside, we can see more of the beauty and more of the mess.
When we experience more light in our lives, we can perceive where we need to prune, to harvest, to appreciate, to forgive and to let go.
Yes, what's up in our world is the need to step up, to show up, to pay attention and tell the highest and most effective truth about what we see. Mostly it means that many will feel guilt or fear or even resentment about falling behind on their bills, their health, their relationships and those areas of denial, ignorance or unconsciousness.
When we let things go because we are lazy, incompetent or preoccupied, we may wake up up to a mess that others have made while we were dozing.

The more we judge the "mess", the more we get stuck with the problem and increase it.
The more we focus on the problem, who did it, and analyze why it happened, the more we are stuck in the feelings.
The more we notice the mess as a wakeup call and move on to the solutions, the more creative we are.
The more we get active in cleaning up what was unconscious, the more we can appreciate the solutions.

Our focus determines what we see.
Our beliefs and attitudes determine our focus.
Our attitude about life decides how responsive we are.
Our responsiveness comes from feeling capable and confident about meeting the challenges.

We all need knowledge.
With practice of what we know we become skillful.
With knowledge and skill, we grow in confidence.
With knowledge skill and confidence we seem capable.
However until we can connect (spiritually attuned) to the inspiration within, we are not fully actualized.

With knowledge, skill, confidence and attunement, we can be fully responsible for our lives.

Where you need knowledge, learn.
Where you need skill, practice.
Where you need confidence, believe.
Where you need attunement, listen within.
All are essential to your mastery and spiritual growth.

Loving you, Betty Lue