Friday, May 04, 2007

Seven Habits of Emotionally Secure People

Habit 1 -- Embracing Individuality
When we are willing to be true to our selves, listen within and follow our heart, we are loving our selves.
Trust yourself and free yourself to live in integrity with no regrets, no martyrdom and no resentment.

Habit 2 -- Employing Teamwork
By noticing, requesting receiving the gifts and talents of those around you,
you encourage and inspire the actualization of those in your family, workplace and community. Everyone benefits.

Habit 3 -- Engaging Constructive Feedback
Invite your associates and family members to let you know what they value and what they want more from you.
When you attend to the needs of others, you strengthen yourself. Listen and follow.

Habit 4 -- Establishing Boundaries
Learning to say "No" when asked inappropriately for what someone can do for themselves
and saying "no when you have your own needs to fill is a powerful lesson for servers to master. You grow stronger.

Habit 5 -- Empowering Others
Giving others the credit, appreciating their efforts and challenging both young and old
to contribute a little more than before is encouraging and empowering. Give what you want to receive.

Habit 6 -- Enjoying Success
Take time to really appreciate yourself, your accomplishments, your relationships, your healing and your growth.
When we love ourselves well, others love us well as well.

Habit 7 -- Experiencing Peace
Peace is the greatest gift we can give. Give peace and let it show, then peace in you and others will surely grow.
No pressure, only loving kindness brings out the best in everyone.

Someone sent me a copy of my March 13 Loving Reminders, so I thought I would elucidate its basic content.
Thank you everyone in my life for giving me the modeling and encouragement and love to be emotionally secure.

Blessings of confidence and faith in Goodness and God.
Betty Lue