Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At Home Everywhere I Am

Yes, we are once again in our Pleasant Hill, CA home where I am sitting at my Mac to write these Loving Reminders. So many insights, sources of inspiration, vision, new possibilities and work to which I am called have come to me. Give me a moment or two of nothing to do and no where to be and I am filled to overflowing with excitement and enthusiasm for what God, the Good in me, is called to initiate, implement, fulfill, offer, enjoy, open, complete, heal and encourage. My journal is full and so is my heart. My life is a joy and so are my projects. I am someone who when given an inspiration actualizes as quickly as possible with plans for implementation, gathering a group or sharing it all with these Loving Reminders.

Our world must be filled with inspired vision and creative expression to be able to move beyond its obsession with righting the wrongs and fixing the problems. It is so much more effective and efficient to let go, forgive and move on. Changing what is judged, fixing what is broken, and making do with our old mis-creations often leads to settling for what continues to be a source of complaint and criticism. When I am off purpose, listening to the voices of discontent, I may spend weeks or years trying to make it all right for everyone with little or limited success. However, when I listen within for the guidance of Spirit, which inspires and delights my heart, when I move forward without consulting for everyone's opinions or approval, when I free myself to act on what gives me inspiration and joy, I am fulfilled in fun, safe and easy ways. Those who are called to join me are also moved and uplifted and inspired to "Go For It!"

In conflict resolution and problem-solving, the most successful solutions are found after the first 30 or more ordinary ideas are brainstormed. It takes the inspired and creative mind to lift about the fatigue and disappointment to discover what is new and beneficial to all concerned.
So often people want hold in place what is comfortable and effortless, to run from risk and adventure and to sit in complacency, playing it safe and fearing failure. The outcome is limited, if any, success, but safety in not making real and lasting transformation.

The quest for spiritual vision is the wholehearted request for inspired guidance, leading you to what you could not and would not dare to do on your own. The request for spiritual vision is trusting that there is a Power, a Purpose and a Presence leading you, Providing for your every need and keeping you on your spiritual path, Practicing spiritual Principle. It is valuable that each one of us make a conscious choice to either do life our own way with limited vision and personal attachment, or do life the inspired way with expanded vision, letting spirit lead, by relinquishing our own attachment to the world we see.
Let Go and Let God.

Ready and willing to Trust in the God and Good guiding my life,
Betty Lue