Sunday, May 20, 2007


How are you lifting up in consciousness?
How are you affirming your wholeness?
How are you perceiving the holiness in others?
How are you remembering there is only Love?
How are you forgiving the past errors?
How are you awakening the Light within?
What is your way to begin?

Focusing on our breath is a beautiful practice of reclaiming the present moment.
Not only does it restore our spirit with energy, but it is a natural way of giving and receiving Life Force.
Inspiration is taking in Spirit and giving out Spirit, life energy.

Centering ourselves by standing tall with our feet firmly on the earth and our head held high in the heavens is a conscious way to realize we are the conduit or the channel between Heaven and Earth.
Some might say we are the child of the union of both Heaven and Earth, sometimes seen as Father and Mother.
Herein we are the unlimited creation of both.

This art and effective tool for clearing our mind of distracting debris, leftovers that mean nothing (unless we give them attention), leaves us with a clear and open mind, the heavens fill us with light and delight.
With a clear mind we can receive spiritual direction, creativity and true and lasting joy.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love that leaves only what is good and true and beautiful.

Choosing what is highest and best for the good of all requires knowing that everyone wins when everyone wins.
With Spirit, no one loses and all are left with a blessing. With Spirit we can listen within and find a way to love unconditionally, serve from our hearts and remember God and Goodness within All.

Gratitude is the fast track to a fun, safe and easy life.
As we focus and affirm what we appreciate, they grow in our consciousness with our attention.
As we appreciate others and look only for the Goodness, the Beauty and the Love within all situations,
we perceive the blessing, the healing and the gift.
Life becomes a miracle of Love which increases as it is valued.

With these spiritual tools in place, we are present for ourselves and others.
We experience the gift of life with reverence.
We love all people with trust and freedom.
We enjoy all situations as we perceive their healing, learning and loving value.
Life works when we do the work.
In Love we ascend together.

Loving you all with a love that is true,
Betty Lue