Monday, November 27, 2006

I am Here to be Truly Helpful

What does it mean to be helpful?

It may mean forgiving my judgments that someone needs help.
It may mean giving everything I have without condition.
It may mean forgetting my own self interests.
It may mean giving when anyone asks for anything, if it does no harm.
It may mean loving someone without receiving their love in return.
It may mean getting tired, dirty and even discouraged.
It may mean listening to my inner guidance daily.
It may mean driving giving inspiration and joy to those who are sleeping.
It may mean holding my affirmative prayer in my heart even with negative outward appearance.
It may mean speaking up and stopping what may be harmful to others.
It may mean offering to give or do what I have no experience in giving or doing.

Being truly helpful is the willingness, open-mindedness and faith that allows forgiveness of all judgments.
Being truly helpful is a gift of trust, honesty, gentleness and patience that is beyond reason.
Being truly helpful is remembering only Love prevail, Love heals, Love is Real.
Being truly helpful is extending God's Peace with the knowing that All is Well!

I am willing to be truly helpful.
I am willing to be the Love I AM.
I am willing to be content knowing Love is always within me.
I am willing to see only wholeness and holiness and remember I am healed, whole and holy.

I am loving you NOW and always,
Betty Lue