Friday, October 20, 2006

True Friendship

For some, friendship is the highest form of committed relationship.
Ask yourself what does it mean to you to be a true friend.
Look closely at the qualities of those you consider true friends.
Notice how friendship seems to vary with different personalities.

When friendship is tested with illness, distance, time or life changes, what is your experience?
Do you have many friends or just one true friend?
Are your friends your primary focus during the week?
Do you give your friends what you receive from your friends?

For me………

True friends are those who see me, know me and love me as I Am.
True friends are those who would take me in and give me rest, if I have need.
True friends are those who speak honestly and trust in my loving intention.
True friends are those who stand by me, knowing we are always connected.
True friends respect themselves and treat me with respect.
True friends listen beneath the words to the heart of the matter.
True friends are committed to relating with love, not to what they get.
True friends experience both teaching and learning, giving and receiving.
True friends respond always in the best way they are aware and trust.
True friends know they are loved, even with time, distance and differences.
True friends forgive and choose to love no matter what.

We are true friends,
Betty Lue

Choose to be a true friend and you will have true friends.