Sunday, October 29, 2006


What comes first in your life?
Is it you pets or your partner?
Is it your children or your career?
Is it you health or your happiness?
Is it your hair or your diet?
Is it being on time or answering the phone calls?
Is it how things look or the way you feel?

We often talk like we place a high priority on their whole life health and happiness, until we realize how much money and time are spent on more mundane desires . We can tell what are priorities are by how we spend our money and time. Keep a journal of your resource expenditures for three months and notice what categories consume the most time, money and energy.
Notice when you have a choice of taking a walk, taking a nap or going shopping what you do.
Notice when you can read to your child or talk on the phone what you do.
Notice when you can fix a salad for dinner or eat fast food what you do.
Notice when you can give a contribution to a cause you believe in or go to a movie what do you do.

Priorities show us our values.
What we value is what we want.
What we want is what we get.
What we get may be healthy or not.
What we get may not be what we really want.
To change what you have in your life, change your priorities.
Give to what you want.
Stop giving to what drains or depletes your health and happiness.
Give to what supports, nourishes and inspires you to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Take an honest look at where you are placing your attention.
If you feel happy about it, continue.
If there is something missing, simply choose again.
Life is for learning what we really value.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Mercury in retrograde is a great excuse to clean up our communications, our agreements and our consciousnes
s. It is a wonderful opportunity to be clear, concise and focused on our desired outcome rather than the picky details.