Sunday, September 03, 2006

Your Real Work

On this, our Labor Day Weekend, we are honoring our labors and those who have labored for us.
We can give rest to ourselves and others by appreciating what was and is being given.
But more importantly, we can ask ourselves what is truly important work in our lives.
What is our Real work here on this earth, in our families and communities?

Have you noticed that most people seem to work for money?
Have you noticed that few people seem to enjoy their work?
Can you imagine what a shift would be, if we worked for Love?
Are you willing to ask yourself sincerely, "What is your Real Work?

Is it possible that people of fear work for money to manage their fear?
Is it likely that people of faith work for Love to express their trust?

Are you working being motivated by fear?
Are you working with the motivation of loving service?
Are you reinforcing your love and enjoyment of life?
Are you pushed to work by your fears and threat of not surviving?

Each one of us must look at our family heritage to see the work patterns of our elders.
When we are in touch with nature, we learned to take only what was needed.
When we trust in provision, we give back a tithe to the source of our Good.
When we know we are free, we work and play with enjoyment and gratitude.

What is your Real Work?

My real work is to let go of whatever is not wholly true and wholly loving.
My real work is to consistently relinquish what I think I know and listen to Higher Truth.
My real work is to never quit on Love, the trust and freedom to see the world with forgiving eyes.
My real work is to release the learned fears and perceive wholeness and holiness within All.
My real work is to enjoy, be grateful and happy for All I AM, All I have and All I give.
My real work is to create what is Good and beautiful and holy for All.

I am loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue,
Betty Lue