Friday, August 04, 2006

Staying Awake and Aware

Where do you best remember?
When do you fall asleep?
How do you stay on purpose?
What do you allow to distract, detour and delay your process?

Have you found your path, the way that is a high way for you?
Have you discovered you purpose, the free way that is yours?
Have you chosen the joy way that brings happiness and peace?
Have you followed the holy way, that brings healing and love in your life?

Believe it or not, we all have a course to follow.
The curriculum is to keep awake and on the road.
Our function is to forgive and erase or drive around all the obstacles in our way.
Our work therefore is to notice what is right in front of us and deal with it.

Just like when driving on the freeways in life, we must be awake and aware at all times.
We must take responsibility for noticing inner and outer signs.
It is crucial that we know which way to go.
We can't be reading a map, putting on makeup or dialing numbers on a phone to drive with full attention.

When we hit the lane markers, we must correct our coarse.
When we change lanes, we must take responsibility for others unawareness.
We cannot assume others know where or how to go.
We cannot count on others to be awake and aware.

Chart your course by knowing where you are and where you are going.
Make sure you keep your vehicle in tiptop condition.
Plan for rest and renewal stops along the way.
Appreciate how far you have come.
Enjoy the moment as you watch life's scenery pass by.
Give yourself the loving reminders you need.
Share your journey's highlights with those you meet.
'Make sure you are learning with every encounter.
Keep yourself alive with curious expectation.
Miracles happen for those whose eyes are open.
And stay in touch with your inner navigation system.
Your north star is only as far as your inner voice.

Loving us all on this sacred journey we call life!
Betty Lue

We just love our new car!!