Monday, July 24, 2006


Have you found yourself in the Presence of someone who stays connected with Spirit?
Have you noticed that there are certain people or places that wake you up?
Are you aware of miraculous moments which inspire and create amazing good?
These are moments of "quickening" when Spirit is working through us without resistance.

When two or more come together with perfect Love, there everything is instantly possible.
In the absence of fear, there is no hesitation, doubt or questioning.
In totally trusting relationships, there is synergy, flow and easy letting go.
In those holy instants, everything and everyone says “YES”.

Quickening is a natural process, intrinsic in perfect Love.
Quickening is the seeming speeding up of decision-making, manifestation and true prosperity.
Quickening is the space of miracles where love flows and Goodness grows in the Light of Joy.
Quickening is natural where we are guided by Spirit in all We Are and say and do.
Quickening is the place where sacred dreams and Holy vision all come true.

When the quickening of Spirit touches you, listen, be grateful, and enjoy it all.

Life is good and getting better with our willingness, our appreciation and our Joy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue