Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Failure. No Fault.

Life is a fail-safe Exploratorium.
Everyone will awaken.
All of us will recognize the ever Present Power of Love.
Each one of us will come home to the Truth of Who We Are.

We are One Self, United with our Creator,
At One with every aspect of Creation,
Unlimited in Power and in Peace. (ACIM)

There is no harm.
There is failure.
There is no sin.
There is no right way or wrong way.
There are errors in perception.
There is faulty beliefs and limited thinking.
There is unwillingness to see what no longer works.
There is forgetting to listen within for the highest Good.
There is attachment to what is comfortable and familiar.
There is choosing to suffer and sacrifice and despair.
There is made up limitation, lack and littleness.
There is unwillingness to forgive and undo what is not True.
There is the choice to worry, fear, judge, feel guilt and blame.
There is denial of what is.

There is learning to heal.
There is willingness to forgive our resistance to stop, look and listen.
There is only learning that Love is Real.
There is choosing only the highest and Best for ourselves and the same for others.

Love is healing.
Love is Freedom.
Love is omnipotent.
Love is creative.
Love is joyous.
Love is Good.
Love is God.
Love is Who and Whose we are.
Love created us creative.
Love is our natural state.
Love is.
With Love, all is well.

When we trust in the ego's fear, comparison and the balance sheet in life, we forget.
When we trust in the world, we get lost and become afraid of failure.
When we see the world as measuring our worth, we feel guilty or resentful.
When we believe that our success is of the world, we lose sight of Reality.

Life is for giving and we are the gift.
When we have not fully acknowledged the gift we are and received the gifts we give, our flow is diminished.
When life is not working, it is a call to stop, look and listen within.

Ask yourself these questions:
Listen within for the responses from your True Self!
(PS. It may be difficult to hear the Truth when you are invested in decisions in the past.)

Who am I really?
What is my calling?
What do I really want?
What can I do to have what I really want?
What is interfering with my easily and naturally living my ideal life?
How can I be awake, aware and enthusiastic?
What is my real work here?
What am I willing to do to clear the blocks to freedom and fulfillment?
How can I feel grateful and blessed everyday?
What is the message I have come here to receive and give?
What can I do to realize my life purpose now?

Yes, these are all the same question being asked in many ways!

Yes, You can have the life you want.
No, you cannot control others or your world.
You can change your mind, choose your emotions and commit to Love it All!

Loving you,
Betty Lue