Friday, March 31, 2006

Crisis or Urgency?

What do you do when there is an urgent call for help?
What do you do when there seems to be a crisis?

You are being called to be truly helpful.
You are called to bring the Presence of Love.
You are asked to stay awake and aware.
You are integral in the return to Peace.

In our family systems, on the job and in everyday life, there are moments in which we may experience those who are upset, fearful, angry and perhaps even life threatening.
Each one of us who is reading this reminder will be the earth angels, here to represent and present the voice, the behavior and the prayers of sanity.
We are the ones who are here to bring the Peace of God, the healing energy of Love and the wisdom of the ancient forefathers.

When in crisis mode, choose for what brings you back to your calling and your inner Peace.
Remember Love.
Love everyone and everything involved.
Practice forgiving your judgments and criticisms.
Seek to see the circumstances without prejudice of the past of fear for the future.
Ask for advice and counsel form your own inner guides and outer wise ones.
Gather information which will give you the worldly guidance about creative possibilities.
Breathe deep and listen both to those in crisis, but also to your own inner knowing.
Take just a moment to affirm, to pray, to see for spiritual support for all concerned.
Endeavor to stay fully conscious and connected to source.
Give what you are called to give, comfort, security, reassurance, information, balance, structure, etc.
Be careful to choose the loving way, rather than the crisis way.
Honor the path of the individuals involved.
Listen always to what they want and acknowledge their needs.
To bring others back to their peacefulcenter is the key to healing.

Remain neutral and never push for what you would want.
Offer what the other wants and needs with love, patience and trust in their healing and learning process.
Be holy present and see the holiness in all involved.
Be grateful for being there giving only the highest and best you know for all concerned.

Loving you with a heart that is true B'Lue,
Betty Lue

This is our place to walk and hide.