Saturday, December 17, 2005

Peace Within

Remember this world cannot give us peace.
Friends and family cannot give us peace.
Fame and fortune cannot give us peace.
Approval and appreciation cannot give us peace.

All things of this world may give us temporary contentment, satisfaction and happiness.
The externals do not last and change with time and circumstance.

Peace can only be cultivated within ourselves.
Peace is a state of mind that is found our spiritual awareness.
Inner peace is unchanging.
It lasts no matter what the situation.
It is shared freely with those we encounter and touch with our lives.
It is extended when we think of others and when they think of us.
Peace is our natural inheritance.

"To live in the world, but be not of it" is to remember our origin, our home, our true Essence.
To be at peace comes with the forgiveness of all things and the gift of remembering.

Remembering Peace,
Betty Lue

See true peace below.
"When those who "see" speak, it is not to convince others. They do it to guide and awaken the consciousness of those that are destined to follow the path of illumination. Their words are for the nourishment of the spirit." Thanks, Suzy.

Baby Sofia Grace at 6 weeks old.
What a gift of God’s Love!