Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happiness Is Your Gift to YourSelf

Happiness is creative.
Happiness is contented.
Happiness is healing.
Happiness is contagious.
Happiness is enlightening.
Happiness is loving.
Happiness is open-minded.
Happiness is patient.
Happiness is simple.
Happiness is forgiving.
Happiness is present.
Happiness is joyful.
Happiness is innocent.
Happiness is playful.
Happiness is trusting.
Happiness is honest.
Happiness is gentle.
Happiness is appreciative.
Happiness is faith-filled.
Happiness is safe, fun and easy.

When we are happy, we are at home with ourselves.
When we are happy, we are at peace in our lives.
When we are happy, we are free to choose.
Being happy is our natural state.

Forgive being unhappy.
Forgive making unhappy choices.
Forgive others' unhappiness.

Choosing happiness, no matter what.
Betty Lue

Are you choosing what supports your authentic happiness?
Are the foods you eat supporting a happy body?
Do the media sounds and sights support your happiness?
Are you associating with those who encourage your happiness?
Do you participate in activities which increase your happiness?

You alone are responsible for being happy.
You alone are responsible for making choices that support your happiness.
Begin now.
Gently let go with forgiveness and gratitude and choose again with love and joy.

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