Sunday, October 30, 2005

Behind the Mask

Tomorrow is Halloween where wearing a disguise is traditional and fun.
Is the mask you wear your tradition?
Is your disguise fun for you?

Behind every fa├žade there is a truth which calls for love.
Behind every personality is a history of scars and stars.
Behind every image there is a reality which shines.
Behind the apparency there is an essential Light.

Life can deliver tricks or treats.
We choose which we prefer to give.
Deceit leads to deception.
The fool will be fooled.
Love creates more Love.
The lover may not be believed by those who cheat.
The giver may not be received by those who are greedy.

Often we need to look beneath our own mask before we can see what is behind other's disguise.
When you see yourself, do you see what you have accomplished, accumulated or achieved?
When you appreciate yourself, do you value what is seen by others or what is within?
When you look into your own eyes, do you dismiss the real you and love what is inside?

Behind every mask is a soul, a spirit, a call to give and receive Love.
Begin within and give what you have given yourself.

Life invites us to take off our masks and reveal what is Real.
Your Light invites other lights to fully shine.
Your Love encourages all Love to be shared.
Your Spirit inspires and uplifts all Souls.

Give the Real You,
Betty Lue