Saturday, July 16, 2005

What Is Missing?

Do you fit in this world, as you see it?
Do you belong within your family system?
Have you found someone who knows you, loves you and believes in you?
Do you know why you are here, so you can focus on something of value for you?

There are many philosophies that tell us we are strangers or aliens here.
There are those who believe this is a temporary school of spiritual learning.
There are some who see themselves here to save the world and all humanity.
And you may be one who came to enjoy the ride through life.

Each one and everyone is on a path, a spiritual journey, a mission to find the missing piece.
And we do not know who is completing their learning, in graduate school or getting their Ph.D. in life.
Each one and everyone is on their own unique path.
We can only help one another by following our own path.

When we are looking to fit in or find the "right" path, we may get detoured and distracted.
When we think we have found our own "heaven", suddenly plans may change.
When we know that "This is it!", we may step in a hole unexpectedly.
When we practice to be perfect, we may wake up to see the standards have changed.

For you who read and play with these Loving Reminders, know they are what I am called to share.
There are other sharings and spiritual guidance.
There are many different paths and philosophies.
Along the way you may join with a church or group or teacher that feels right for you.
Then you may outgrow them and become disillusioned or be "pushed out of their nest."
Trust it is all in your own best interest.

Your Essence or Soul or Higher Self is guiding you and directing your learning and life experience.
When you judge, fear or resist the pitfalls and seeming obstacles, you may miss the perfect next step.
When you wakeup and pay attention, you will discover each step is a blessing and a call to stay awake.
When you are willing to be a happy learner and to step conscious, life becomes easier and more fun.

What may be missing may be the perfect mystery and question to motivate and invite your awareness.
What may be missing is the recognition that everyone is searching for what is missing for them.
What may be missing is the realization that the journey and life process is it. There may be ultimate goal.
What may be missing is your appreciation of every experience and every relationship as part of the whole.

You are the missing piece in my life and I am in yours.
Together we are filling in the pieces we do not see on our own.
In our caring and sharing, we can see and enjoy the greater whole.
We are all in this together. We can learn from and with one another.
Let us be grateful and fully enjoy our relationship with all others.

I am loving and blessing us all as One,
Betty Lue