Thursday, July 21, 2005

Journey of Remembering

Deep with you is everything whole and true and loving.
Beyond the body, the job, the roles you play is your inner Truth.
Underneath the personality, the humanness, the beliefs and attitudes is the unlimited.
Outside of time and space is a reality in which your inner Teacher, your Higher Self commune.

In this physical life of work and play, home and family, activity and rest, we often forget what is forever.
In this world of human experience we lose a sense of what is forever and essentially real.
In this temporary and changing illusion of goals and plans, effort and reward, we focus on the external.
In this learning laboratory of experiential and experimental education, we expect increasing knowledge.

Trying to become is encouraged.
Trying to accomplish is rewarded.
Trying to acquire is expected.
Trying to be somebody and do something and have some wherewith all seems to be our project.

Here we are adding to what we believe is lacking and limited.
Here we are seeking for what we believe is lost or absent.
Here we are fearing we will never achieve health, happiness and success in the world.
Here we are forgetting and covering up our forgetting to remember who we are and why we have come.

To let go is to awaken.
To let go is to return to love.
To let go is to release our efforting.
To let go is to trust.
To let go is to remember.

To let go and be still, we can remember and know.
Everything we need is here and now.
Everything we try to become we already are.
Everything pure and good and true is within me and you.

To be quiet and listen to the wisdom within is where to begin our journey of remembering.
To cease doubting and fearing we can quiet our mind chatter and hear and feel what is real.
To suspend our judgments and comparisons, our reasoning and logic, we simply know the way to go.
To stop the planning and projections, the defenses and mood swings, we feel the peace and joy of being.

We can remember and never forget.
We can find our selves and never get lost.
We can see the compass and always go home.
We can feel the Love surround us and our lives.

We can choose to remember and know the Peace of God,
Betty Lue