Thursday, May 05, 2005

You Are Loved

As we held those little six day old, 6# baby girls, Robert and I laughed and giggled.
As we bottle fed them breast milk and formula, we relaxed into the simplicity of Love.
As we swaddled them and cuddled and cooed, we felt warm and safe and loved.
As we watched their totally loving parents, kiss and show their total love, we were inspired.

This is how each one and everyone is meant to be received into this world..
"We love You.
We are grateful for the blessing of You.
We are grateful You have come to us."

"You are a Gift of Love.
In loving You, we receive that Love.
In cherishing You, we know we are cherished.
In keeping You safe and warm, we feel safe and warm."

What we give with open-hearted consciousness, we receive to the core of our being.
As we give our very best, we fully receive the very best we give.

The Golden Rule of "doing unto others" works, not because it is right, but because it builds a safe and loving world for all of us.

When I give you forgiveness and Love, I know I am forgiven and loved.
When I offer you the warmth of my home and the food from my table, I realize I am provided for.
When I bless you with the fullness of my heart and wish you to prosper, I feel I am blessed.
What I give to others without condition or expectation, I know is truly mine.

Life is a circle.
Our children, with their simple presence, help us realize the richness of our lives and the fullness of our Love.
Love needs do nothing to create miracles.
When Love is recognized and received, it creates more Love.

In joy and Love for the miraculous opportunity to Love You,
Betty Lue

Even if you never experienced this kind of Love, give it to someone in your life and you will have it All for Your Self.