Friday, March 26, 2004

Vision, Intention and Will

Where do you see clearly?
What do you know to be True?
Whom do you love dearly?
How can you really love You?

Imagine the world at Peace.
Imagine your life in Joy.
Imagine humanity in Love.
Imagine freedom for All.

Live everyday with attention.
Give every gift with intention.
Share your words with reflection.
Honor your life with perfection.

For as you believe, so shall you live.
As you live, so shall you give.
As you give, so shall you receive.
As you receive, so shall you believe.
And so is the cycle of creation.

Our life experience is the result of our vision, our intention and our will.
Clarify you Highest Vision.
Give your life your full intention.
Commit to live with all your heart and mind and soul.

Your life blesses us all,
Betty Lue