Friday, December 19, 2003

Winter Solstice

This time of year, when the sunlight hours are minimal and the temperatures dip below freezing for many, it is important to increase the inner light and turn up our inner warmth. Winter Solstice celebrates the beginning of winter, a time of conservation, reflection and visioning. It is a time to hibernate, to cuddle up, to remember Love, to enjoy the hearth, to plant seeds of goodness and joy in our imagination. And so we celebrate many holidays of Light and Love, filled with miracles and joy, family times of gathering with forgiveness and Love.

No matter how small your home, you can extend a welcome to someone who needs a place to be.
No matter how meager your food, you can always add one more to the table.
No matter how cold the winter, you can always find a blanket or warm coat for the homeless to have.
No matter how meager the gifts for your children, you can always give one toy to a child who has none.
No matter how sad your life has been, you can always extend one act of kindness to someone in need.
No matter how far from family you are, you can always offer one prayer of love and gratitude.
No matter how long since you stepped into a place of devotion, you can always light one candle of faith.
No matter how lost or confused you may be, you can be grateful for what you have in your life.

There are many stories, both tragic and miraculous.
There are many prayers, both beseeching and celebratory.
There are many songs, both romantic and sacred.
Take some time to tell a story to someone who needs your company ( on phone or better in person).
Take some time to offer a thankful prayer for your willingness to remember love and faith and God.
Take some time to sing a song that moves your Spirit and inspires you to give Love.

This is the season to remember Love.
This is the season to serve from the heart.
This is the season to remember God.

Loving you with all my heart, from the heart of God.
Betty Lue

Holiday Invitations for those of you who live nearby:

Winter Solstice Open House in our new offices.
This Sunday, Dec. 21 from 2-5 PM for stories, songs and happy festivities.
Bring yourself and goodies to share, a gift for someone without home or family and/or simple finger foods to share.

Christmas Eve Caroling in a nearby nursing home.
Sharing love, hugs, joy and kindness.
Dec, 24th, 2-4 PM. Meet at our office, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite #1000, Pleasant Hill at 2PM.

New Year’s Eve Play Shop in our new home (3274 Ptarmigan Dr. #1A, Walnut Creek),
Focused Activities, Meaningful Sharing and Respectful Enjoyment. Appreciate the year gone by and bring in the New Year with Clear Vision, Committed Intention, Joyful Association and Loving Reminders!!!!
December 31, 2-5PM in our Rossmoor condo with fun, food and fellowship.

Call for more information, directions and to reserve space. 800-919-2392