Sunday, December 07, 2003

Moving Again

Yes, this is moving week.
Why move? Why move from one place you love to another about which you are uncertain?
Why let go of what you have and move on with less?
How can we let go with love and trust in the Good to come?

Moving can be healing.
Moving can be helpful.
Moving can be the call of Spirit of the desire of the ego.
Moving can be whatever you want it to be.
A new beginning, an opportunity, a letting go, a lightening up, a change of pace, a new community, a new identity, a warmer climate, a healthier choice.
When a plant is crowded, it needs more space.
When a plant is root bound, we transplant into a bigger pot with fresh soil.
When a plant needs more light, more rain, less cold, we respond easily.

So humans need to find the right conditions for their natural growth. Often we are born into circumstances which are limiting.
We may move into a flood pain or a desert (actually or metaphorically) and need to move to take care of our selves and our families. Our health conditions may invite us to move out of homes that have mold or other pollutants.
We may find our neighbors to be difficult and want to move into a more harmonious community.
It is important to move from our jobs, our habits, our careers, our associations, when they no longer support our full aliveness, when they endanger our health or distract us from purposeful living.

It is an act of faith to move, when there is a spiritual call.
When living in faith, we listen within and respond.
We are moving back to the Bay area, to Walnut Creek where I have lived the longest in total.
This is the place where I have spent most of my years counseling and teaching.
While living in Santa Rosa I have continued to commute to an office where I work 5-15 hours weekly.
Robert’s Mom would benefit from our presence and help with transportation,, errands and company.
It will cut our time in the car to less than half.
Our other Reunion Ministries and family commitments will be enhanced by this move.
While leaving our home here in Valley of the Moon, with vineyards, state parks and mountains all around is a letting go, we do it easily by changing our minds.

I now let go with love and appreciation.
I bless the people, the experiences and this home for the goodness and beauty they have provided us.
I fully trust in our calling to move on.
I know that all is provided for as we move in faith and hope and full appreciation.
I look forward with delight to the next place to be.
My attitude provides me with the energy and consciousness to make this move fun, safe and easy for all.
I am filled with enthusiasm, gratitude and expectancy for a future of goodness, wholeness and love for all.

Blessing our inner and outer changes for the good of All,
Betty Lue