Sunday, November 09, 2003

This is Your Day

How are you spending your day?
Are you following your heart and doing what you love?
Are you following your head and doing what you must?
Are you living with inspiration or living by obligation?

How you spend this day is an affirmation of who you believe you are.
The way you spend time, money and energy confirms what you value.
When you live and give from the Spirit of Joy within, your day begins and ends with freedom and gratitude.
When you live and give for the sake of getting the money, the love and attention you want, you affirm your lack and neediness.
When you give All for the sheer joy of creating Good and offering the blessing of your Love, you experience always more of the same. How we perceive our world and our relationship. as cause and creator or at effect and victim, determines our daily experiences.

Consider giving this day to God.
Consider going with the flow, doing what comes naturally and easily.
Consider being present for yourself and others.
Consider tuning in and inviting spirit, your inner inspiration to lead all the activities or inactivity of the day.
Consider affirming and confirming the miracles of conscious loving.
Consider enjoying each moment, every relationship and all your happy creations and projects.
Consider giving your day to Good, your Good and the Good of All.

Miracles happen when we give the miracle of our Love,
Betty Lue