Saturday, November 29, 2003


I have moved my offices two buildings back with same address, same phone number, now Suite #1000.
We are upstairs in the prosperity and power corner of Building “E” for Excellence in Loving Service.
We view trees out all our windows with southeastern exposure. Initially, I am partnering with a nutritionist and massage therapist and soon others who seek professional partnership, mentoring and creative collaboration to serve the Good of All. Yesterday we completed the move, decorated and feng shui’d our space. It is filled with light, beauty and Love. (Open House on December 21st.)

Who are your partners in life?
Who are your partners in love?
Who are you partners in healing?
Who are your partners in creativity?
What is true partnership for you?
How do you find willing ones to create partnership?

Prerequisites for partnership:
Common Vision or Desired Outcome
Honesty and Openness
Equality in Giving and Receiving
Willing teach and learn with one another.
Commitment to what is best for both parties.
Impeccable Self-Care.
Respect for themselves and for all others.
Responsibility: Able to Respond to what is needed with no guilt or blame.
Co-operation: Seeks to bring fairness, harmony, benefit and goodwill to all endeavors.

When you are ready and willing, your partners-in–training will arrive.
Partnerships are functional relationships.

You are my partners in Spirit,
Betty Lue