Thursday, November 20, 2003

Are You Home Yet?

Where is “home” for you?
Where do you belong?
Where do you feel safe and comfortable?
Where do you feel wanted and needed?
Where are you free to fully express yourself?
Where is it easy just to “Be”?
Where can you relax and feel grateful for life?
Where are you spontaneous and creative?
Where do you fit?
Where do you feel loved and valued?
Where are you surrounded with reflections of your self?
In what environment do you feel is most pleasing for you?
With whom do you feel most invited to actualize yourself.?
With what activities do you feel most enlivened?

Everyone defines home differently. Some have never experienced that feeling. Some are waiting for heaven. Some create “home” wherever they are. Some are fully at home with one person. Some create “home “ for others. In order to give, we must first have. What you want is yours to create. What you create for yourself you can model, demonstrate and create for others.

At home with You,
Betty Lue