Wednesday, October 29, 2003

What Is My Calling?

I was asked yesterday, "What is my dream? What is my calling?" 
In the midst of all my doingness and service, where am I going? What inner direction am I choosing?"

I recognized before I could answer, I once again needed to wash away all past history to see clearly, for in the past is both disappointment and triumph, sorrow and ecstasy. In order to see clearly the sun shining goal in my heart, I must forgive the clouds of disillusionment and be willing to see and be the Light and live in deLight. The last five years in California I have been on sabatical, taking a vacation from full Self-realization. I have been living a more ordinary life in an extraordinary way. I have supported Robert for four years in his financial consulting business and ministry, and now am supporting him in fully embracing and coming to peace with major health challenges. I am supporting my grand daughter and my son-in-law, as my daughter went through medical school and now has entered surgical residency living near the hospitals where she works long hours and is on call through the night. I have been supporting the ordained ministers of Reunion and those whom I have mentored over the years by traveling to MI, IN and NC for workshops and retreats. I am supporting you and hundreds around the globe with these daily Loving Reminders. I am supporting the Reunion Centers in Pleasant Hill and Michigan with my consciousness and participation as I am invited. I am supporting the many clients whom I coach and counsel as well as the students whom I inspire, educate and encourage to be their best self. I am supporting Partners in Health, a holistic team of professionals who seek to serve their community with education, inspiration and alternative resources for optimal health. I am supporting our mothers, both of whom are very independent and contribute mightily to their communities through volunteer service, ministry and leadership. Everyday I am supportive with prayer, home visits, phone calls, email and correspondence, as well as invitations to help. It is my great joy to help my daughter, Hilarie , clean her first new home in readiness for moving in this week. I am supportive with hugs, with loans, with advice, with listening, with smiles, with humor, with total faith in God and Good. And throughout this supporting role, I am supporting me, Betty Lue, by loving, affirming, enjoying and valuing everything I am and do, including baking, cleaning house, doing laundry and paying bills and all the other beautiful ordinary activities of daily life.

Yes, I am supporting you. I am loving you. I believe in each one and everyone, one by one.

Who am I? I am a community builder. I build community within and without. I believe we must respect ourselves and one another. I believe we must be able to respond to the call at any time by taking exquisite care of ourselves. I belive we are here to learn to cooperate as we live and work together, play and serve together, create and celebrate together. I am teaching and demonstrating, inspiring and educating, modeling and co-creating sustainable loving successful relationships in which the best in everyone is respected, honored and blessed by all. Love is trust and freedom for me. I am a loving reminder, living trust and living freedom. I celebrate my life. I celebrate the part I play. I am honored and appreciative of being me.

Loving you with total support for the Gift You Are in my global community,
Betty Lue

I want you to know that You support me by learning and teaching, by giving and receiving, by contributing and creating, by being whole and happy and free. I am respecting you.