Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Birthdays are Healing

Whatever excuse families use to come together in love, appreciation and celebration is healing.

Today is Gia’s fifth birthday.  She is a joy and love bringer.  She embraces everyone who is willing with her joy, gentleness and love.   Beautiful both inside and out, she bubbles with enthusiasm, authenticity and freedom of expression.  Because she is so naturally giving, people are drawn to her and enjoy her presence.  She is a child, exploring the world, the perceived limits of how much can I have, how long can I stay up, how much are you willing to stay and play with me.  This is a very real and natural learning experience to gain knowledge of the limits we adults and  the world set.  Not always happy about the results, but always gaining in knowledge and choice, she is mastering this world of limits. She is clearly demonstrating for all of us how to stay in love no matter what.  Gia is healing.  The natural exploration and learning of every child is healing.  

When we are free to join in love with everyone, we are healing.  When we fully appreciate one another, we are healing.  When we celebrate each other’s joys, we are healing.  Use any and every excuse to heal…yourself and your world.

What is healing?  What needs to be healed?
Healing is forgiving and releasing our ful experience and expression of wholeness and holiness.  Healing is remembering to live from our Essence, the Love We Are.  What needs to be healed are our false perceptions and limiting beliefs about ourselves,  our fellow human beings and our world.

In healing Love, Betty Lue