Friday, August 08, 2003

Maintaining Our Peace

When another has a need to emote, to blame, to make you feel wrong or guilty, how do you maintain your peace and love.? How do you respect yourself, when another is accusing or attacking you?

First, learn to ask for timeouts when you have a need.
If there is an opportunity to take a cooling off break, do.
Go to the bathroom and breathe.
Look in the mirror and remind yourself of your peaceful and loving core.
Take nothing personally.
Do not eat the poison or venom that is being offered.
Clear your fear and tell yourself no one will be harmed.
In your mind, keep forgiving and blessing yourself and the other.
Ask for spiritual help and guidance.
Stay conscious and aware.
Do not defend or attack back.
Let each negative thing go with “Thank you for telling me” or "Thanks for sharing”.
Know the other trusts you enough to share their pain.
The other person wants and needs your forgiveness.
No matter how it sounds, do not take on responsibility or guilt for causing them pain, unless you had the intention to hurt them. If so, forgive yourself.
Keep focused on the healing, the peaceful outcome, the end of suffering, and how to resolve the conflict easily and fairly.

When both parties want no fighting, there will be none.
When both parties, want peace, there will be peace.
When both parties respect themselves and each other, there will be respect.
When both parties, are conscious, there will be conscious responsibility.
When both parties are willing to own their own spiritual growth, they will not dump on one another.
When both parties are open to peace, they will find forgiveness and peace within themselves.

Our emotional pain is not caused by another’s behavior or words, it is caused by our interpretation and reaction to the other.

Blessing you with release, Betty Lue