Thursday, August 14, 2003

Looking Forward or Behind?

Where you look, there will you go.
Are you looking backward or looking forward?

When you drive, it is dangerous to always be looking in your rear view mirror or turning around to see where you have been.  When you are hiking on a new path, it is not safe to be walking backwards or not paying attention to where you are headed.  The holes in the road or pitfalls in life happen when we are not looking where we are going.

Life is an adventure into the unknown.  Too many folks are busy basing their future on their past.  
Too many are still exploring what went wrong twenty years ago.  
Those who don’t forget their past are doomed to repeat it.
What we remember, we use to build our future.  
We hold an image in our creative minds which becomes our experience.  
What we dwell on, we strengthen in our lives.  What we judge, we recreate.  

It is essential that we stop walking back in time and start enjoying where we are now with full gratitude.  
It is also imperative that we look forward to a future filled with our highest goals and vision.  
To heal is to let the past go.  
To heal is to forgive and release what was with blessing and gratitude.   
To heal is to life in love, trust and freedom.  
Explore, choose and enjoy what your create.  
Let life teach you to be conscious and at choice.  

Enjoying now,  
Betty Lue